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High in the Alps

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updated  10/21/17

The Big Coney

I've been playing  around with the Yi 4k+ since May and I'm really loving this sleek little camera. As promised yitechnology has been releasing numerous firmware updates over the summer with the latest version (as of today) v1.3.11 . My only complaint with the Yi 4k+ is that there is no filter thread on the front of the camera lens so there is no way to attach an ND filter. To get around this problem I shoot in the shade, early morning or late in the afternoon. Hopefully the next generation will add the threads to the lens. Also voice command does not always work but that's not a big deal for me, I just use the bluetooth remote on my selfie stick to record video and take pictures. I haven't tried the live streaming yet that should be fun.


There's  some additional accessories that  I purchased to use with the Yi 4k+, as mentioned the Yi Selfie stick, the Zhiyun Rider-M gimbal,  the USB type-C microhone convert cable and the silicone housing case to protect the camera body and lens. The silicone case can be used together with the selfie stick but not when the camera is attached to the Zhiyun gimbal. Well that's all for now.



peace, smiles and videos!

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